Gear List: Trans Zion Traverse, 8.84 lbs base weight


A lot of people on and off the trail ask me what I’m carrying when backpacking. I’m not an expert but here’s an example of my gear for a recent trip. Some friends and I hiked the route known as the Trans Zion Traverse. While planning, I knew that it was going to be hot with no chance of rain. My total base weight for this trip was 8.84 pounds. Base weight is all of your gear minus consumables (water, food and fuel) and clothing worn.

Every trip is different and knowing the conditions will inform your gear choices.  For example, I chose not to bring a rain jacket or pants. Some may say, “what if it rains?” Temperatures would reach the upper 90’s so even if it rained, I’m not going to get cold and I would dry off completely within an hour or two after it stopped (it didn’t rain). My base weight fluctuates from 8-12 lbs depending on my needs, wants and conditions such as inclement weather and bear canisters. This set up kept me comfortable and safe for this trip.

I’m pretty sure that I’ve included everything but please go easy on me if I omitted some small things. 🙂

ITEM –  WEIGHT (ounces)


  • Zpacks Arc Haul 52L – 27.5

Subtotal – 27.5 oz


  • SMD Deschutes Tarp – 9
  • Stakes – 1.9
  • Polycro Ground Sheet – 1.6

Subtotal  – 12.5 oz

Sleep System

  • EE Revelation 30 deg Quilt – 19.3
  • NeoAir xlite Reg sleeping pad – 12.8
  • Big Sky Dream Pillow – 1.4

Subtotal – 33.5 oz

Cook System

  • Starlyte Alcohol Stove – 0.5
  • MYOG simmer ring – 0.3
  • MYOG Caldera Cone – 1.5
  • .9L Evernew Ti pot – 3.1
  • Sea to Summit short spoon – 0.3
  • Evernew 400ml cup – 1.8
  • Fat Daddio bake pan – 2.2
  • Pot cozy – 0.8
  • Mini Sawyer water filter – 3

Subtotal – 13.5 oz

Clothing (Packed)

  • Rohan Long Sleeve Base Layer – 3.3
  • Under Armor Base Layer bottoms – 3.5
  • Montbell Ex Light Jacket – 6.2
  • Exofficio Boxer Briefs – 3
  • Injinji Socks – 3
  • Bandana – 1

Subtotal – 20 oz

First Aid

  • Total Kit – 1.8
  • (Band aides, Neosporin, alcohol wipes, syringe for flushing wounds, mole skin, zyrtec, Amodium AD)

Subtotal – 1.8 oz


  • Total Kit – 2.5
  • (Toothbrush, toothpaste, vitamins, floss)

Subtotal – 2.5 oz


  • Swiss Army Classic Knife – 0.7
  • Zebralight Headlamp H52 w/battery – 3
  • Sandisk Clip mp3 player w/headphones – 1.3
  • Joby mini tripod – 1
  • Stick pic – 0.3
  • Iphone “holder” – 0.5
  • Oloclip iphone lens system – 1.5
  • Delorme Inreach SE – 6.6
  • 4x 1L water bottles – 4.8
  • 600ml water bottle – 1.2
  • Chrome Dome Umbrella – 8
  • Foam sit pad – 1.2

Subtotal – 27.4 oz

Total Weight – 141.4 oz/8.84 lbs


  • Pack: 3.5 oz over the 24 oz specified (spec) weight because of added hip belt pockets and lumbar pad.
  • Deshutes Tarp: Listed weight includes guy lines and stuff sack. I cowboy camped the entire trip and didn’t use my shelter once because the weather was nice at night. Cowboy camping is when you sleep outside without a shelter.
  • Stakes: 8 stakes total (4x MSR Carbon Core, 2x MSR Mini Groundhogs, 2x Ti Shepard)
  • Cook System: I’ve been trying out dry baking in the backcountry so this set up is luxurious with the Fat Daddio bake pan and myog simmer ring.
  • Umbrella: I normally don’t bring my hiking umbrella but decided to for this trip to help keep me cool from the heat.
  • Misc/Ditty/Electronics: There are a lot of luxury items in this section that many people don’t bring. Mp3 player, Joby mini tripod, stick pic, iPhone holder, Oloclip lens attachment, Delorme InReach, and sit pad. Easy ways to lighten your load if you don’t bring these.


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